Hello, welcome to Gracefully

Being graceful, or being more at ease in the world, is something we all aspire to. In the always connected, always-on world this has become more difficult. Can grace survive in an age of instant responses, bombastic communications, online harassment, and polarization?

The team at Gracefully believes that not only can grace survive, but that it’s also a lens that can help us better navigate our digital lives.

Gracefully explores the very notion of grace and uncovers where it is embodied in our everyday life, both online and off. We are looking at ways that thoughtful design, technology, and personal choices can promote community and enhance civic engagement. Our ultimate goal is to humanize technology and empower everyone to live more gracefully in the digital age.

Gracefully will share stories of people who embody grace and show how some technology can actually make our lives more graceful. We hope you’ll join us in our journey to find grace in the digital age.

Our Story

Brian read Sarah’s book, The Art of Grace, and started thinking about how the lessons and examples in the pages could be applied to our increasingly digital world. A quick email to Sarah led to a long conversation, a podcast, and eventually a visit to SXSW to talk grace. Caresse joined before SXSW and we become Gracefully shortly after.


Caresse Giles

Caresse has a background in managing innovation, design, and technology initiatives and leads the project management team at a digital agency. She’s a strong advocate for user-centered design and agile methodologies with a focus on how tech can more gracefully fit into our lives.


Sarah Kaufman

Sarah L. Kaufman is the Pulitzer Prize-winning dance critic of The Washington Post and is the author of "The Art of Grace: On Moving Well Through Life." (Buy it from Amazon) Her book is the catalyst for Gracefully.

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Brian Wesolowski

As a communicator and nonprofit leader in technology and internet policy, Brian tackles issues around how technology is impacting our daily lives and our fundamental rights.