Forest App Limits Cell Usage and Plants Trees

A well-designed app has the potential to help us live more gracefully while being connected. The team at Gracefully shares the ones that we find bring greater ease to our lives. Have an app that helps you bring grace into your life? Share it with us!  

By Brian Wesolowski

Like every smartphone user, I am guilty of checking it far too often, and at times, letting it control my life. There’s an elegant, simple app that I use to help me with this: Forest.

Simply, with Forest, you set a timer for how long you want to be smartphone free, whether it’s just to be more present in a conversation or to focus on a writing project. Once you start the timer, a virtual tree begins to grow. If you don’t use your phone the entire time, your tree reaches maturity; if you fail, sadly, it shrivels and dies. At the end of each day, if successful, you have a forest filled with beautiful trees.

This app has really helped me be more mindful of the time I needlessly spend on my phone and just how often I use it as a crutch to procrastinate. The gamification side of the app helps me stick to my timed goals, and I could see it being an appealing way to help teens, for example, put their phone down more.

To make Forest event better, the creators partner with Trees for the Future to plant actual trees based on usage of the app. That is grace both online and offline.

A beautiful, tree-filled forest on the Forest app

A beautiful, tree-filled forest on the Forest app