Access Now App Brings Grace to Those with Disabilities

A well-designed app has the potential to help us live more gracefully while being connected. The team at Gracefully shares the ones that we find bring greater ease to our lives. Have an app that helps you bring grace into your life? Share it with us!  

By Brian Wesolowski

Maayan Ziv is an app creator who exudes grace and is helping people with disabilities live more gracefully through her app, Access Now. Using the power of crowdsourcing, Access Now shares the accessibility status of locations on an interactive map, helping people with a range of disabilities know if they will be able to access that location, whether it’s a coffee shop, grocery store, or web design business.

Accessibility is something many of us take for granted, but it’s an essential part of graceful living. When access is blocked, whether to a building or an online forum, a barrier is created that causes tension. Technology has the ability to break down or lessen some of these barriers, and Access Now is a perfect example.

Maayan created a beautiful video to explain why she created Access Now and how it works - take a look.

Thank you for inspiring us, Mayaan, and for showing how technology can be used to help the world be more graceful for all. Here’s hoping Access Now continues to flourish and eventually maps the world!