Our End Goal

By Brian Wesolowski

Recently, Sarah and I were invited to talk about Gracefully at GMMB’s staff meeting. GMMB is a leading communications agency that I’ve had the privilege of working with as part of my day job. During the question portion of our talk, we were asked, “What is the end goal of Gracefully?” That’s a great question.

You can hear our response in the following video. Top-level, we believe grace is a lens that enables and empowers people to think about how they use and how they create technology. We hope to help build a world where technology brings more grace to our lives, rather than dehumanizing us. We want to get back to that beautiful founding moment of the internet -- one that was filled with so much hope and potential -- and actually realize those positive visions of equality, empowerment, engagement, and connectivity. We believe grace can help us get there. 

Watch the video for a bit more.

Brian Wesolowski