Our First Conversation on Grace & Technology (Back in 2016!)

By Brian Wesolowski

Although it seems like yesterday, it has been just over three years since I first met Sarah. Having read her book, The Art of Grace, shortly after it was released, I invited her to be a guest on my organization’s podcast, and apply the lessons from her book to the digital world. She did not disappoint.

As we are working on the Gracefully podcast, I thought you might enjoy listening to the first time Sarah and I explored grace & technology together. One of my biggest takeaways from our initial talk was the way that technology can affect our physical grace. From constantly craning our necks downward to look at our phones, to quantifying every movement we make through wearable trackers, it’s clear technology can be detrimental to moving gracefully. As an example, Sarah points out that when we think of graceful athletes, such as tennis star Roger Federer, we rarely think of their power. Instead, grace in sports is more about the fluidity of movement. That’s awfully difficult to quantify, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so focused on how hard something is hit or the exact number of steps we take, but rather quality, ease, and beauty of motion.

Following the podcast, I wrote a short piece about how to practice more grace in the digital age by slowing down. You can find that post on the blog for the Center for Democracy & Technology (where I work). Here are more Gracefully tips on how to find grace by slowing down.

Enjoy the 2016 CDT podcast and get ready for the Gracefully podcast - we’ll be launching soon!

Brian and Sarah after recording an episode of Tech Talk.

Brian and Sarah after recording an episode of Tech Talk.