Living More Gracefully in our Hyper-Connected World

This week, The Chautauquan Daily ran a column from Gracefully about our efforts to discover grace in the digital world. We’re at the Chautauqua Institution for its week on Grace: A Celebration of Extraordinary Gifts. It has been an extraordinary gift for us to be here and be inspired by the many speakers, creators, and thinkers who are attracted to this pristine place in Western New York.

Following is a short excerpt from our column. You can read the rest on the website of The Chautauquan Daily.

Being graceful, or being more at ease in the world, is something we all aspire to. But in our always-connected, always-on world, this has become more difficult. Can grace survive in an age of instant responses, bombastic communications, online harassment and polarization?

I believe that not only can grace survive, it can thrive in today’s society if we choose to seek it out and enact it where it’s least expected. Grace is a lens through which to understand the world, and a philosophy that can help us better navigate our digital lives.

That’s why I teamed up with Sarah L. Kaufman, author of the book The Art of Grace: On Moving Well Through Life, and Caresse Giles, director of digital at iStrategy Labs, to create Gracefully, a website and podcast devoted to grace and technology. We’re exploring the very notion of grace and uncovering where it is embodied in our everyday life, both online and off. We are looking at ways that thoughtful design, intentional approaches to online content, and personal choices can promote community and enhance civil engagement. Our goal is to humanize technology and empower everyone to live more gracefully in the digital age.

Brian Wesolowski